Bitcoin has exploded into the mainstream, but do you really understand the full story behind this groundbreaking technology? As crypto continues its meteoric rise, now is the perfect time to dig deeper into the origins and ethos behind decentralization.

That’s why we’ve curated this definitive watching guide of the 11 most insightful Bitcoin documentaries. Whether you’re a total newbie or crypto pro, these fascinating films unpack everything from the mysterious creator Satoshi Nakamoto to the tumultuous early years of the Bitcoin experiment.

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From exposing scandalous fraud to tracking adoption across China’s Great Firewall, strap in for an eye-opening tour through the best Bitcoin documentary picks. You’ll emerge far more fluent in blockchain, the metaverse, NFTs and the many other innovations spinning out of this financial revolution. The full saga is epic — keep reading to start your binge and become a certified crypto expert!


The 11 Best Bitcoin Documentaries in 2023

1. Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It (2015)

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Accuracy: This documentary relies on verifiable facts, expert opinions from crypto pioneers, and credible sources to explain the history and potential impact of Bitcoin. It avoids unsubstantiated claims.

Objectivity: While generally optimistic about Bitcoin’s potential, the doc also shares common critiques like environmental impact and use for illicit activities. It features supporters and skeptics.

Production Value: Smooth editing, clear graphics, and a fast pace make this doc very watchable. The high quality elevates the indie production.


2. The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin (2014)

Best Bitcoin Documentary 3 -

Accuracy: Following Bitcoin enthusiast Daniel Mross, this film sticks to the facts and real-world events that drove early Bitcoin adoption. Information comes from credible sources.

Objectivity: As an early Bitcoin believer, Mross is enthusiastic but does acknowledge risks like volatility. The film features a range of perspectives.

Production Value: indie and raw at times, but intimate access to key players and events captures Bitcoin’s early scrappy ethos.


3. Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchains and the Future of the Internet (2020)

Best Bitcoin Documentary 4 -

Accuracy: Packed with verified info, the doc draws from the director’s extensive blockchain research and features interviews with experts.

Objectivity: It explores positive and negative outcomes of crypto, like enabling criminal activity. The cautious tone provides balanced perspective.

Production Value: Stylish graphics, slick editing and a fast pace make for an engaging, high-quality watch.


4. Banking on Bitcoin (2016)

Best Bitcoin Documentary 5 -

Accuracy: Meticulously researched, the doc relies on credible sources like news footage and interviews with key insiders and experts.

Objectivity: It makes a persuasive case for Bitcoin but does address counterarguments around volatility and criminal usage.

Production Value: Interviews, graphics and editing create an informative and entertaining look at this financial revolution.


5. Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain (2018)

Best Bitcoin Documentary 6 -

Accuracy: Meticulously researched, this documentary packs in a wealth of verifiable facts, data, and credible expert perspectives to explain blockchain technology from origins to future applications. It relies extensively on news footage, academic research, and interviews with computer scientists to substantiate all claims with primary sources.

Objectivity: Acknowledging blockchain’s world-changing potential alongside valid concerns about enabling crime, the film provides nuance without judgment. It explores positives like empowerment and negatives like volatility in a cautious yet optimistic tone. The balanced perspective is invaluable.

Production Value: Complex topics are made engaging and easy to absorb thanks to polished motion graphics, smooth editing, and brisk pacing. The professional production quality enhanced with subtle artistic flair makes this arguably the most watchable blockchain documentary.


6. Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution (2017)

Best Bitcoin Documentary 7 -

Accuracy: Drawing heavily from factual sources like news footage, this documentary packs a wealth of verified details on Bitcoin’s origins, ideology, technology, and adoption. Key claims are backed by interviews with credible insiders and experts rather than rumors or theories.

Objectivity: While arguing persuasively for Bitcoin’s potential, the film does address counterarguments around volatility and criminal usage in a balanced way. It avoids pushing any agenda other than exploring this fascinating innovation.

Production Value: As an informative introduction to crypto, the polished editing, motion graphics, and score make the film highly engaging and stimulate viewer interest in the topic. The professional sheen facilitates learning.


7. Bitcoin: Beyond The Bubble (2018)

Best Bitcoin Documentary 8 -

Accuracy: Despite a tight 35 minute runtime, this concise film manages to pack in a plethora of verified facts, figures, and data points from reputable sources. It avoids unsubstantiated claims in laying out Bitcoin’s vision and risks.

Objectivity: With fair critiques of volatility and criminal activity tempering the generally optimistic tone, the film gives perspective from both Bitcoin proponents and skeptics.

Production Value: The quick pace powered by smooth editing condenses Bitcoin’s complex history into a digestible package without losing nuance. Motion graphics aid understanding.


8. Deep Web (2015)

Best Bitcoin Documentary 13 -

Accuracy: This dramatization sticks closely to the facts in Ross Ulbricht’s true story as the Silk Road founder, avoiding fictionalized elements or exaggeration. Information comes straight from news sources and court documents.

Objectivity: While sympathetic to Ulbricht, the film thoughtfully addresses valid concerns about enabling dangerous criminal activity through crypto anonymity tools. It explores this complex issue without bias.

Production Value: Strong acting, plotting, character development, score, and editing craft an engrossing narrative that accesses larger themes through one man’s controversial criminal case.


9. The Bitcoin Experiment (2016)

Best Bitcoin Documentary 10 -

Accuracy: This documentary takes a deep dive into the early European adoption of Bitcoin, relying extensively on first-hand interviews with real Bitcoin users, experts, and business owners. It packs in tons of verified facts and data points on Bitcoin’s vision, ideology, technology, and potential risks. The information comes directly from primary sources with no hearsay.

Objectivity: While enthusiastic about Bitcoin’s potential, the documentary is honest about volatility concerns and adoption challenges that could prevent mainstream usage. It explores both the positive liberating ideology behind Bitcoin as well as practical roadblocks. There is no agenda pushed.

Production Value: As an indie production, the documentary has a raw, guerilla feel that effectively captures the early bootstrapping ethos of Bitcoin. However, tighter editing could improve pacing and storytelling at times. Overall it works well to reveal an unpolished glimpse at this financial revolution in progress.


10. Bit x Bit: In Bitcoin We Trust (2018)

Best Bitcoin Documentary 11 -

Accuracy: Packed from start to finish with thoroughly researched facts, figures, and perspectives, this documentary relies on verifiable data points from credible news sources. It also features commentary from cryptocurrency experts, academics, and insiders to back up claims with substance. Viewers can trust the information presented.

Objectivity: Refreshingly open-minded, the documentary explores both the positives of decentralization and negatives like Bitcoin’s volatility and use in criminal activity. It provides nuance without pushing an agenda in either direction. The balanced perspective is invaluable.

Production Value: With smooth editing propelling viewers briskly through complex topics, this professional production breaks down the tech and ideology behind crypto in an approachable way. The polished style makes the film highly engaging and watchable.


11. The Blockchain and Us (2017)

Best Bitcoin Documentary 12 -

Accuracy: Mining extensively from news footage, research data, and verifiable facts, this documentary traces blockchain’s arc from its origins to potential futures.The information heavy film relies entirely on credible expert sources to back up claims on the technology’s evolution and impact.

Objectivity: While enthusiastic, the cautious tone explores blockchain’s double-edged sword – both its potential to disrupt industries but also downsides like enabling criminal activity. It provides nuance without judgment.

Production Value: The formidable challenge of demystifying blockchain is met with an arsenal of compelling motion graphics, slick editing, and a brisk pace that drives engagement. The polished production makes absorbing the technical details enjoyable.


Wrapping Up: What is the Best Bitcoin Documentary?

With over a decade of drama, ecstasy, and heartbreak, Bitcoin’s journey from fringe experiment to global phenomenon is tailor-made for Hollywood. This diverse collection of documentaries brilliantly captures the soaring highs and gut-wrenching lows across every chapter.

But if we had to choose just one definitive must-watch, it would be Cryptopia. Embracing the full scope of blockchain innovation, Cryptopia distills over a decade of meticulous crypto research into a slick and propulsive package. It acknowledges risks yet remains refreshingly open-minded about the liberating potential of decentralization.

As Bitcoin continues disrupting tradition and making believers, these documentaries provide profound context on the past, present and future of money. So expand your perspective, grab some popcorn, and dive down the crypto rabbit hole now. Just make sure Cryptopia is first on your list to witness the revolution in full Technicolor.


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