The wild west of crypto YouTube is filled with hoaxes, scams, and misinformation. But amongst the muddy waters are channels that provide golden nuggets of insight to guide you on your crypto journey.

Whether you’re a total newbie looking to dip your toes into crypto or a seasoned trader seeking an edge, YouTube can be a valuable resource. The challenge is filtering out the noise to uncover channels that offer true value.

In this article, we cut through the chaos to bring you the 15 best crypto YouTube channels for every type of crypto enthusiast. From technical traders to crypto news junkies, we’ve uncovered insider channels that provide practical, trustworthy crypto knowledge. Read on to transform your YouTube algorithm into a crypto goldmine.

Best Crypto Youtube Channels -

TLDR; The Best Crypto Youtube Channels

  • YouTube can be a valuable resource for crypto education and insights, if you find the right channels.
  • Channels like Coin Bureau provide in-depth analysis on crypto projects and news.
  • BitBoy Crypto offers an entertaining, opinionated perspective on the crypto space.
  • Altcoin Daily provides digestible daily recaps of crypto market updates.
  • Benjamin Cowen sticks to no-nonsense technical analysis, especially on Bitcoin.
  • Crypto Banter features beginner-friendly live streams explaining crypto basics.
  • CryptoRUs balances crypto news coverage with trading insights.
  • The Moon shares hardcore Bitcoin maxi perspective on crypto news.
  • Kitco NEWS reports on broader financial news beyond just crypto.
  • Ivan on Tech features interviews with influential crypto experts.
  • Rekt Capital offers trading skill-building tutorials for seasoned traders.
  • Sheldon Evans provides market analysis with personal anecdotes.
  • DataDash combines quirky personality with market analysis.
  • Crypto Casey simplifies complex topics for complete beginners.
  • 99Bitcoins explains blockchain and crypto fundamentals clearly.
  • Jacob Crypto Bury identifies promising new crypto projects early.


The 15 Best Crypto Youtube Channels

1. Coin Bureau

Best Crypto Youtube Channels: CoinBureau -

Coin Bureau offers in-depth analysis on crypto projects, making it one of the best crypto YouTube channels for those seeking a deeper understanding. 

Host Guy provides fundamental analysis on new and existing cryptos, breaking down complex concepts into digestible explanations. With beautifully illustrated and well-researched videos, Coin Bureau gives insight into the technology and teams behind top cryptos. 

By cutting through hype and objectively analyzing fundamentals, Guy equips viewers to make informed decisions. For those who want more than surface-level crypto news, Coin Bureau is a gem among the best crypto YouTube channels.


2. BitBoy Crypto

Best Crypto Youtube Channels: BitBoy -

The boisterous host of BitBoy Crypto provides an entertaining, opinionated take on the crypto space. Ben Armstrong isn’t afraid to make bold predictions or pick controversial sides in crypto debates. 

BitBoy Crypto videos offer guidance on investing in altcoins and buying dips that some consider reckless. But Armstrong provides a perspective that many find refreshing. Views are often divided on BitBoy Crypto’s investment tips and bombastic style. 

Yet the channel has garnered over 1 million loyal subscribers. For an eccentric contrarian viewpoint, BitBoy is among the most popular best crypto YouTube channels.


3. Altcoin Daily

Best Crypto Youtube Channels: AltCoin Daily -

Brothers Austin and Aaron Arnold offer digestible daily crypto recaps on Altcoin Daily. Videos provide market analysis, news and educational explainers in a conversational format. 

The Arnolds have a knack for translating complex topics into understandable overviews. With multiple videos published daily, Altcoin Daily is perfect for staying on top of developments across the diverse crypto landscape. 

Though not the flashiest, Altcoin Daily’s consistent insights have cemented its place among the best crypto YouTube channels to follow in 2023.


4. Benjamin Cowen

Best Crypto Youtube Channels: Benjamin Cowen -

Benjamin Cowen sticks to no-nonsense technical analysis focused heavily on Bitcoin and Ethereum. With his engineering and programming expertise, Cowen takes a scientific approach to analyzing crypto price trends. 

He often discusses trading indicators, effective strategies, and ways to manage risk. Cowen zooms out to look at long-term crypto market cycles. 

For those seeking objective data-driven trading insight, Benjamin Cowen is among the best crypto YouTube channels.


5. Crypto Banter

Best Crypto Youtube Channels: CryptoBanter -

Newcomers can soak up crypto basics on Crypto Banter’s welcoming live streams. Host Ran Neuner leads lively discussions explaining crypto fundamentals, trends and news. 

The regular AMAs are perfect for getting simple questions answered. Banter’s team brings fun energy while filtering out the fluff. For crypto curiosity without the confusion, Crypto Banter is a leading choice among the best crypto YouTube channels for beginners.


6. CryptoRUs

Best Crypto Youtube Channels: CryptoRUs -

CryptoRUs offers a balanced blend of crypto news and trading insights. Host George Tung has an analytical approach, evaluating market data and grounding opinions in objective facts. 

His twice-daily videos keep viewers updated on developments while offering nuanced takes. CryptoRUs goes beyond hype cycles to focus on long-term crypto growth potential. 

For thoughtful discussion of both breaking stories and timeless principles, CryptoRUs stands out among the best crypto YouTube channels.


7. The Moon

Best Crypto Youtube Channels: The Moon -

Carl Runefelt of The Moon brings straightforward Bitcoin maximalist analysis of crypto news. 

Videos focus heavily on Bitcoin price action and developments likely to impact BTC’s value. Runefelt doesn’t mince words when expressing skepticism of altcoins and competing blockchain projects. 

With clickbaity thumbnails and titles, The Moon isn’t for those wanting deep dives. But its unapologetic Bitcoin bias provides an interesting counterbalance to more diversified channels.


8. Kitco NEWS

Best Crypto Youtube Channels: KiTCo News -

Kitco NEWS broadens focus beyond crypto to report on the overall financial landscape. This equips viewers to better understand how external factors drive crypto market movement. 

Kitco’s team of journalists and experts provide in-depth coverage on everything from commodities to equities to central bank policy. For crypto-focused channels, Kitco NEWS fills in the bigger picture. It’s among the best crypto YouTube channels for getting a wide-angle view of financial markets.


9. Ivan on Tech

Best Crypto Youtube Channels: Ivan on Tech -

Ivan Liljeqvist lands big-name interviews with crypto luminaries like Vitalik Buterin and Michael Saylor on Ivan on Tech. Discussions provide rare insights into the minds of crypto influencers. 

Rather than rehashing news, Ivan goes deep on industry philosophies, problems and solutions. With thoughtful dialogue on human implications of crypto, Ivan on Tech brings refreshing perspective to the niche.


10. Rekt Capital

Best Crypto Youtube Channels: Rekt Capital -

Rekt Capital offers dedicated crypto trading skill-building content. Host Mason provides structured courses explaining chart patterns, indicators and effective strategies. 

With laser focus on maximizing trading returns, Rekt eschews hype and speculation. Mason also provides market analysis of when to enter and exit trades. 

For seasoned traders wanting to refine techniques, Rekt is among the best crypto YouTube channels.


11. Sheldon Evans

Best Crypto Youtube Channels: Sheldon Evans -

Sheldon Evans provides engaging crypto commentary with a personal touch. His videos offer market analysis, trends and news with sprinklings of his own crypto journey. 

Sheldon freely shares the investments, successes and regrets from his learning process. This transparent peek behind the crypto curtain makes Sheldon one of the most relatable voices among the best crypto YouTube channels. 

His videos remind us that behind technical charts are real people navigating the crypto ecosystem.


12. DataDash

Best Crypto Youtube Channels: Data Dash -

Nicholas Merten takes a persona-driven approach to market analysis on DataDash. His unique style combines quirkiness and quant analysis into an entertaining blend. 

Merten isn’t afraid to make bold proclamations on everything from prices to adoption rates. Not all predictions pan out, but they prompt discussion. 

For an analyst who approaches crypto forecasting like brainstorming, DataDash offers a refreshing style among the best crypto YouTube channels.


13. Crypto Casey

Best Crypto Youtube Channels: Crypto Casey -

Crypto Casey makes crypto accessible for total newbies seeking to learn the basics. With a perky and encouraging tone, Casey simplifies complex topics into bite-sized lessons. 

Her videos walk through crypto terminology, choosing secure wallets, endemic scams and other foundational topics. Crypto Casey embodies the maxim that crypto is for everyone. 

Her channel proves invaluable for introducing friends and family to blockchain technology and digital assets.


14. 99Bitcoins

Best Crypto Youtube Channels: 99Bitcoins -

99Bitcoins makes understanding the core mechanisms of blockchain technology digestible. Animated explainers break down the crypto fundamentals that so many channels take for granted. 

Topics range from high level overviews of blockchain to nitty gritty like Bitcoin mining and hardware wallets. For those who want to better grasp the technology enabling their investments, 99Bitcoins has some of the best educational content among crypto YouTube channels.


15. Jacob Crypto Bury

Best Crypto Youtube Channels: Jacob Crypto Bury -

Jacob Crypto Bury combines education with opportunities in a promising new crypto channel. Jacob explains complex topics like Elliott Wave theory through easily understood visuals. 

He also provides technical analysis on growth potential of new and existing crypto projects. Jacob has his finger on the pulse of crypto, routinely identifying promising investments before they take off. 

For a mix of trading skills and early investment insight, Jacob Crypto Bury is among the best crypto YouTube channels on the rise.


Wrapping It Up: The 15 Best Crypto Youtube Channels

With the Wild West landscape of crypto YouTube, it’s crucial to have trustworthy guides. The channels above equip you with knowledge to navigate the hazards and uncover hidden fortunes.

Whether you ride with Bitcoin diehards, study market cycles, or soak up crypto basics, these channels have your back. Their insights can protect your investments and point your portfolio to profit.

So breaking the bank on bogus gurus isn’t necessary. The real crypto gold lies within reach. Subscribe to one or all of these YouTube channels today. Then sit back, soak in their insights, and watch your crypto knowledge grow.

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